SCOPS Internal Parasite Technical Manual

The SCOPS Internal Parasite Technical Manual for Vets and Advisers, as reviewed in 2019/20, can be accessed using the navigation tree below. Sections will be updated as necessary and, when this happens, will be detailed in "Latest updates" to keep everyone abreast of developments in SCOPS science and practice.

To include the SCOPS Technical Manual (2020) in any work, please reference Stubbings, L., Bartley, D., Busin, V., Lovatt, F., Page, P., Rose Vineer, H., Skuce, P. (2020) SCOPS Technical Manual.

For details of the latest updates, please click here.

For authors and acknowledgements, please click here. The content replaces the SCOPS Technical Manual (Abbott, Taylor and Stubbings, 2012) but an archived copy can be found here.