Code of practice for mobile dippers

The mobile sheep dipping code of practice provides cross-industry advice for everyone involved in the dipping process – from prescribers through to the end users on farm.

Confirmation of resistance in sheep scab mites to the injectable macrocyclic lactone (ML) scab treatments, coupled with increasing concern that the use of these products is accelerating resistance to the MLs in gut-worm populations, means more and more sheep farmers have been turning to organophosphate (OP) sheep dip to treat for sheep scab. In contrast, the number of farmers with their own dipping facilities has continued to fall, due to tighter regulation of the purchase, use and disposal of OP dipwash. This means they have increasingly been turning to professional mobile dipping contractors – highlighting the need for support to those service providers, as well as prescribers and farmers.

The code carries the support of organisations across the sheep sector.