Survey results reveal how much more sheep farmers have to consider when choosing and using products - particularly moxidectin

19th June 2022

Lesley Stubbings, independent sheep consultant and spokesperson for SCOPS, recently spoke at a WORMSS webinar that provided information to farmers and advisers on a survey conducted by Dr Jennifer McIntyre of Glasgow University on how much farmers understand about using moxidectin in their sheep. Ms Stubbings contributed by looking back over 40 years of parasite control and how approaches to worm control have changed and why. It was a useful session to underline how much things have changed and how much more sheep farmers now have to consider using and choosing products.

#WORMSS is a research project looking and roundworm control and moxidectin use specifically, funded by a Steve Bishop Early Career Award (KTN, BSAS) to Dr McIntyre in collaboration with Dr Roz Laing (also at Glasgow University) and Dr Fiona Lovatt (Flock Health).

Watch the webinar here.