SCOPS welcomes new accreditation option for sheep dipping

17th June 2022

SCOPS is pleased to learn there is now an additional option for farmers to get accredited in the safe use and disposal of sheep dip. It is a legal requirement for farmers to have a licence when dipping, so it is positive to have another option for getting the correct accreditation.

Lowe Maintenance says it is the only training institute to be offering the Safe Use of Sheep Dip course online. All of the training for the new course can be done via the internet, with the assessment at the end done at Lowe Maintenance’s centre in North Yorkshire.

On launching the new course, Demelza Lowe of Lowe Maintenance says: “Raising awareness of the prevalence of sheep scab is vital. The more we talk about it, the less stigma there will be. The fact scab had all but been eradicated gives me great hope we can do it again. Our course has been designed to empower, educate and work towards eradicating sheep scab through safe dipping operations. We have identified a generation gap in qualified dippers. With many farmers who were certified to dip and oversee dipping in the 1980s and 1990s now retiring from farming, there is a real need to drive awareness of certification amongst the younger generation.”

For farmers wanting accrediation to dip sheep themselves, Lowe Maintenance is one provider of the necessary accrediation. More here.

For farmers using a contractor to dip sheep, SCOPS is a partner in the cross-industry advice for mobile dippers. More here.

As a reminder, OP dip is licenced for use in sheep dips only - not jetters and showers.